Dan LaMorte
1 month ago - Google
My family switched over to this dentist practice recently and we love it. Their office is very nice looking, peaceful and modern. Their tech and tools are newer and they explain everything very well and are personable. They are also very good with kids and clearly experienced with what should be expected for each age. We are very happy coming here.
bobby B
1 month ago - Google
I am a new patient and just had my first cleaning a few days ago with Daniella, Firstly, the office was immaculate and had a very relaxing vibe, all the people were upbeat, friendly, and helpful and the best part is I had the best cleaning I've had in 20 years. Daniella was great, she checked everything, gave me great info regarding brushing, flossing and general maintenance, and she is the most thorough hygienist I've had in a long long time. I also had a nice chat with Dr. Kwon, and he was great also. If you're looking for people that really know and care about what they are doing this is the place you.
Joe Carroll
2 months ago - Google
Deep River Family Dental continues to be a highly professional and warm and friendly experience. The staff reflects the attitude and professionalism of Dr. Kwon.
Matthew Sharp
3 months ago - Google
The entire staff and Dr Kwan are kind and very competent. They make a dentist visit as good as it can get.
melanie lynch
4 months ago - Google
I am not a fan of going to the dentist. I have to have a lot of teeth removed due to periodontal disease. The dentist, his assistant, hygienist and the ladies at the front desk were friendly, professional and smiled. That's huge when you are going through this at 46 years old. I WILL be going back for sure.
Ian Kastel
4 months ago - Google
Have had an irrational fear of dentists and getting my teeth worked on my whole life, Dr. Kwon and his team made that fear non existent. Made me feel at home and explained everything they did. 10/10 would recommend.
Sharon Uricchio
5 months ago - Google
The team greats you with a warm & friendly smile. Dr. Kwon is a magic DMD, he fixed something nobody else could. The office feels more like a spa. I usually dread the dentist but with Dr. Kwon and his awesome team, I was totally relaxed. I have found my new dental home. Highly recommend!!
Donna Goselin
5 months ago - Google
My husband had a new denture made. Doctor Koon was fantastic and the new denture fits perfectly. The office staff and hygienists are courteous, professional and knowledgeable. I recommend Deep River Family Dental for all your dental needs.
LMT Leon
5 months ago - Google
Best experience ever. Great staff and Dr Kwon is amazing, very good!!!!
Brian H
5 months ago
Never have to wait for your appointment and many times they get you back early. They are gentle with the cleaning and explain things to you as they work. They also have early Friday hours which is a great plus.
Jane Hamblett
6 months ago - Google
Dr Kwon just did my crown and I am very pleased. He and his staff are all very professional and friendly. His attention to detail and explanations are very re-assuring. Highly recommended.
Pamela Lane
7 months ago - Google
Very friendly and made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked through the door. I will be recommending them.
Don G
7 months ago
Dr. Kwon is a master of dentistry. I highly recommend him. He is kind, professional, and more importantly, quite painless! His staff is highly trained and very professional as well... Deep River takes the fear out of going to the dentist. I was so pleased with my entire experience. Give Deep River Family Dental. a try, I know you will not be disappointed
Scott Cathcart
8 months ago - Google
Dr. Kwon and the amazing staff at Deep River Family Dental make going to the dentist a breeze. Dr. Kwon is incredibly skilled and very friendly. It is comforting to know that you are not just another patient, with everything being done in your best interest from routine visits to bigger procedures.
Maria Schmelzer
9 months ago - Google
Dr. Kwan is great and his staff is super nice. I would definitely recommend his practice especially if you have a fear of going to the the dentist, He makes you feel comfortable.
Yeon Henton
11 months ago - Google
We are new to Dr. Kwon's practice and have absolutely loved our experience. He and his staff are professional, knowledgeable, warm, caring, and thorough. They take great pride in what they do, and it shows. We are delighted to have discovered his practice.
Jill Fitch
11 months ago - Google
I highly recommend Dr. Kwon and his dental hygienists. They are SO incredibly nice and excellent at what they do. I've visited his office several times, and I've always been highly satisfied with the work Dr. Kwon has done on my teeth. One of my lower teeth had a crown that was done by a previous dentist. It had chipped and it really did not look good or feel good. I was very self conscious of it because it showed when I spoke. When Dr. Kwon was finished I couldn't even tell which tooth had been restored. It matched all of my other teeth. I am thrilled with the results. It's so good to know that Dr. Kwon and his dental hygienists are there for me when I need them. I found my dentist!
Customer Service A Little White Dog LLC
11 months ago - Google
Dr. Kwon and staff are responsive and receptive. I broke a front tooth over the weekend. I left a message for Dr. Kwon and received a call back almost immediately. My tooth was repaired the very next day. Thank you Dr. Kwon and staff for putting me back together in less than 24 hours. You are amazing! Missy 🤓
Janae F
1 year ago
By far the best dental experience I've ever had! The staff was extremely kind and welcoming. The service was excellent! I'm happy I was referred to Deep River Family Dental. and its close to home 🙂
Maritza Delgado
1 year ago - Google
Thank God for a wonderful doctor and staff. It was a long trip to get there but it was all worth it. They were professional, courteous and very caring. If you're looking for a dental group that makes you feel relaxed and special, then Deep River Family Dental is the right choice.
Brooke Stark
1 year ago - Google
They are all so very nice and I felt completely at ease. I highly recommend to patients who are a little nervous about going to the dentist. I’m so glad I switched!
Luz Arroyo
1 year ago - Google
DMD Kwon is the best Dentist I have ever been too.He has made my smile and self-esteem above and beyond.He is very gentle and friendly. I recommend him as the BEST Dentist
Lisa Bibbiani
1 year ago - Google
Dr. Kwon and his staff are amazing. They use newer technology and every part is explained as needed, and you are kept comfortable and aware of what the process is, from a dental cleaning, to a filling to a crown. Very happy with the service here.
Jane swersey
1 year ago - Google
I found my forever dentist!! We recently moved to Chester and needed to find a dental care. I am so happy I reached out to Dr. Kwon's office. My first appointment was for a routine cleaning. The hygienist was welcoming, professional, precise, and gentle. When Dr Kwon came in, we exchanged introductions and I talked about my teeth. He told me I had a "beautiful smile." I don't think a dentist has ever said that to me. It just made me want to smile and show off my teeth. I love that he is so approachable. I have always had terrible anxiety and fear associated with dentists. My second visit was to be fitted for a mouth guard. He checked my bite and thought that a crown needed to be filed. What a difference the filing made in my mouth. I feel as though an obstruction is gone even though the tooth was just filed a little bit. To my surprise I heard the sound of the drill(?) and did not flinch. That is a first for me. Dr. Kwon possesses a gentleness that is reassuring and calming. I was also surprised that they scanned my mouth rather than having me sit with a mold forming in my mouth for ten minutes. The scanning technology is much more comfortable. I felt welcomed, relaxed, and was reassured. Thank you.
Grace Osora Erhart
1 year ago - Google
A dental visit is not high priority in the things I like to do but this office is really amazing! All of the staff is extremely professional, timely, but most of all they have expertise in their field, they and Dr. Kwan are extremely available to listen to any concerns, and they explain things clearly. I had a dental cleaning and some cavity work done by the dentist and I feel very pleased with the care I am receiving at this facility.
Sharon Sarno
1 year ago - Google
Fast, Friendly service! Doctor and dental staff are so nice! No issue with getting an emergency appointment. Highly recommend!
Peter Lieberman Jr
1 year ago - Google
The staff at Deep River Family Dental are extremely professional and friendly. I needed to get new crowns on my two front teeth and they came out looking very good and extremely natural. I have had other fillings and cleanings and the level of service throughout, has been exceptional! Every time I need an appointment, Sue at the front desk is always on top of putting me on the calendar and getting me in the door.
Alexander Brousaides
1 year ago - Google
Dr. Kwon is extremely friendly and professional. Being honest and upfront on what work I had to get done, and having a plan going forward made me feel relieved and happy. The staff is amazing and knowledgeable, making the environment a pleasant one. Everyone is great all around. Would highly recommend a great dentist and staff.
Art Tart
1 year ago - Google
Dr. Kwon is awesome. He recently took over the office from the previous owner so I was unsure how things would be, but he already seems to have a great relationship with the old staff! Dr. Kwon is very friendly, listened to my problems, and was able to make everything regarding treatment clear and easy. My family and I will continue seeing Dr. Kwon and I will recommend his office to anyone looking for a dentist. Thank you Dr. Kwon.
1 year ago - Google
Dr Kwon is a trustworthy dentist who had done great dental work for me for many years. I appreciate him and his team. Highly recommended.
Ashley Canty
1 year ago - Google
I am not a patient but have worked with Dr. Kwon! He is very passionate about what he does and cares for every person he comes in contact with. I would highly recommend him and so happy for all of his patients that get to be with him!!!
Richard Lee
1 year ago - Google
Great Dentist!!
Reid B
1 year ago - Google
I went to Dr. K while I was on vacation and came down with a bad case of tooth pain. I was afraid I'd need a few crowns and root canals and stated that plainly when I was in his office. He looked at my x-rays and told me I likely only needed one root canal, but I'll probably need to get a crown in the future. My insurance only covers me so much a year, and he adjusted my care to fit that.
Alec Dakin
1 year ago - Google
Had my first visit with Dr. Kwon a few days again, really great experience. Staff were extremely friendly and professional and I felt like he was being honest and trustworthy with his treatment plan (we all know how dentists sometimes upsell, so it was incredibly refreshing to have an honest take on what I did and didn't need.) I was going to a larger dental chain but I really like the warm and friendly vibes here of a small, homie office, so Dr. Kwon is definitely my dentist from here on out!
Melissa Kantrow
1 year ago - Google
The best !!! If you are looking for a practice that cares about you as a person, your dental history and the care you should maintain moving forward you have found it with Deep River Family Dental. From walking in, you’re greeted with a friendly face and always a smile from Sue. She is attentive and always makes sure you have the information you need regarding services (and the billing aspect). Ellen & Michelle are so wonderful! Really patient and diligent with you during your cleaning. Hard to talk when your mouth is open - but always makes for a fun conversation. Lastly, Dr Kwon. He knows his stuff !! A sigh of relief when a doctor actually sits there and explains what you need and how he can best help you. Truly exceptional with his mannerism and how he does care about you. While I was a long time patient of Dr Tunicks - I am SO glad I stayed on with Dr Kwon and Deep River Family Dental.
Dalena Bui
1 year ago - Google
Dr. Kwon is the best around! Will be recommending him to my friends and family!
Daniel Kim
1 year ago - Google
I’ve never written a google review in my life but here I am because my first experience with Deep River Family Dental and Dr.Kwon was immaculate and should not go unnoticed! I recently moved to New Haven and had 8 cavities that needed to be take care of ASAP. Thankfully, my coworker referred me to Dr.Kwon at Deep River Family Dental. Switching to a new dentist is never easy for me but once I visited him and his team, I was very relieved. Dr.Kwon and his staff members are: 1. Highly professional and interested in your care (rare case with dentists nowadays!) 2. Passionate and well rounded! 3. Honest and warm care Dr.Kwon isn’t just a “nice” dentist but an advanced while experienced dentist with the most advanced technology and equipment. I could tell he is committed to making each patient’s dental experience as comfortable, affordable, and effective as possible. 10/10 would recommend.
Jena Lee
1 year ago - Google
Dr. Kwon is awesome! You can tell he deeply cares about the well being of his patients and will recommend the best treatment. I am so happy I found such a great dentist to care for my teeth.
Bennett Galperin
1 year ago - Google
Dr. Kwon is the best! He’s a very knowledgeable and caring dentist. Definitely recommend!
Cat R
1 year ago
I have always been self conscious about my smile and been to dentist’s that made me feel bad about my teeth. The staff is incredibly nice and make you feel like you’ve known them forever. The doctors are great and really care about you and your smile. 10/10 recommend